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Delicious Healthy Food For Healthy Lifestyle

With our current increasing polluted environment and stressful lifestyle, top killer diseases such as heart attack, cancers and all kind of degenerative diseases are on a rise, especially in the developed countries.


Food is one of life's most pleasurable, daily sensual adventures. To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, besides our daily exercises, healthy eating and cooking is equally important. What we feed our body will directly impact our body cells. Hence, a healthy diet is the greatest secret to good health.


To enjoy a delicious and healthy meals, the ingredients used are very important.  It is recommended to use  a lot of fresh ingredients and healthy fat rather than processed oil which can turn rancid at high heat cooking, a major culprit in today's health problems.


What Is Healthy Food

Healthy food means different things to different people.  In general, people associate healthy food with dieting, eating vegetable salad and fruits.  True enough that vegetable and fruits are healthy but to most people, following such a "strict healthy diet" is a life sentence of gastronomic boredom because it exclude them from the variety choices of delicious food.


To the contrary, eating healthy food does not mean that you are going to sacrifice from all those delicious tasty food, neither does it mean dieting. It is rather unrealistic to maintain the so-called "strict healthy diet" and deprive us from enjoying delicious food which is one of our most pleasurable thing in life.


Fortunately, healthy food is about choosing the correct healthy ingredients and right method of cooking.  With a touch of different spices for seasoning, you will see simple and easy to cook recipes turning into mouth watering delicious healthy dishes.


Healthy Food And Our Body

Healthy food render a pleasing site to our eye and palate, giving stimulating our appetite and digestive juices.


Warm food is good to the body. Our body requires less expenditure of heat and energy in digesting it. Heat, either moist or dry, essential to all cookery processes, is conveyed by radiation, convection, and conduction.  It brings about changes, physical and chemical, in the condition of foods.

  • Food physical change occurs when a substance changes its form, color, or size, but still remains the same substance; as when water turns to ice, and solid lead is melted.

  • Food chemical change is effected when two or more substances combine so as to form an entirely new body.

These changes in food form the foundation for the principles upon which the various culinary processes are based.

Effect Of Heat Upon The Three Chief Constituents of Food



  • The protein (myosin) of meat, of egg (albumen), of wheat (gluten), of pulse (legumin), is coagulated by heat: if the temperature is raised much above 160° F. the protein hardens and shrinks, and the food becomes indigestible : as overcooked meat, and the white of hard-boiled egg.

  • Connective tissue is converted into gelatin, which is soluble in water and rendered digestible.


  • Starch in food is greatly affected by heat. By moist heat it is converted first into a soluble form, then by extreme heat into a new substance, sweetish in flavor—dextrin—as in the crust of bread. Moist heat causes the starch grains to swell, the cell coverings of cellulose rupture and the starch is released, gelatinizing at a temperature below boiling-point of water, the degree of heat varying with the kind of starchy food.

  • Cellulose is softened by application of moist heat.

  • Sugar when heated in water dissolves, then colors, and upon further heating, turns brown and becomes caramel, but does not crystallize.

  • Fats are not so affected by heat as either proteins or carbohydrates, but if heated to a very high degree by a dry method of cooking, as in roasting, they undergo partial decomposition, and fatty acid substances are produced, acrid in odor and irritating to the digestive organs.

Recipes To Suit Your Daily Lifestyle

In this website we will share with you an extensive variety of healthy recipes and interesting traditional home cooking ranges from simple breakfast to the more elaborate dishes in order to suit your daily lifestyle.  For those who are ambitious, feel free to explore our spectacular recipes to fit some of the most important occasion.


Not only will we provide a range of recipes, it also offers special recipes for specific health categories and health conditions such as diabetic low carbohydrate recipes, healthy weight loss recipes, low fat nutritious recipes, food allergy recipes, high protein recipes etc.

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